Christmas Screensaver

Download free Christmas Screensavers for your desktop. Bring the christmas spirit to your desktop with these holiday screensavers. These screensavers are absolutely free! Click the thumbnails below and start downloading.

Christmas Screensavers

Click on the thumbnails below to download the Christmas Screensaver of your choice. You will really love these Christmas screensavers by

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Christmas Train

Christmas Screensaver- Christmas Train

The many moods of Santa- Download this screensaver with Santa and his Reindeers, gifts, etc. Watch Santa chucking away on a train and more ending with a live video of a laughing Santa. Feel merry with this screensaver now.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Miracle Of Christmas

Christmas Screensaver- Miracle Of Christmas

The text moving slowly in a circle frame after frame with fleeting images of Christmas paraphernalia, bringing an end with the snow laden branches of a tree.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Gifts & More

Christmas Screensaver- Gifts & More

Gifts and Christmas are so intermingled, that we can call them synonyms. Watch Santa with gifts, decorations and enjoy the video of a van with a Christmas tree coming to your home! Download this wonderful screensaver now.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Christmas Hearth

Christmas Screensaver- Christmas Hearth

A peaceful and soothing screensaver, with videos of candles and text messages on the calming spirit of Christmas with other images. Download now to feel the peace, that Christmas brings.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Beauty Of Christmas

Christmas Screensaver- Beauty Of Christmas

Christmas motifs in flash cards one after another, Christmas written in different colors and backgrounds. This screensaver combines two design elements seamlessly for an amazing experience.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Xmas Stars

Christmas Screensaver- Xmas Stars

Santa laughing behind stockings. Candles emit soft glowing light while a star appears, slowly increasing in size and revealing the secrets of happiness during Christmas. A screensaver worth the effort of the artist. Applaud him now with a download.

Download Free Christmas Screensaver- Snowman

Christmas Screensaver- Snowman

The background of decorations in color and the movie effect in flash. With videos of falling snow, peaceful homes and a snowman. A marvel of designing! Experience the beauty of this screensaver now.